Proven Strategies for More SMS Marketing Conversions

Proven Strategies for More SMS Marketing Conversions

Over the years, text or SMS marketing has remained as an effective channel for ensuring your customers receive and read your communications directly. As a matter of fact, research shows that customers who receive text marketing campaigns are 40% more likely to convert than those who don’t. 

When you deliver the right marketing campaign and trigger the right actions, SMS can be an excellent strategy to boost your conversions and win more customers through your SMS-specific conversion tactics. Roughly 96% of marketers using this channel say it increased their revenue, with nearly 60% saying it also drove revenue generation. With this, it’s a no-brainer to include SMS in your marketing efforts. 

It can be challenging to nurture and generate returns from your SMS marketing efforts if your conversion rates aren’t looking good. This article details some of the most effective ways to increase your conversion rates and get better returns from your campaigns. Read on to learn more about how you can make the most out of marketing with SMS. 

Conversion Rate Benchmarks

It’s always a good idea to look at data and see where your SMS campaign efforts stand—are they performing better than expected or below the industry average? Below are a few key statistics from Postscript to help you understand and build SMS marketing strategies to drive better conversions. 

  • Shops that offer inexpensive goods, consumables, and other regularly purchased necessities earn a 1%-3% conversion rate for SMS campaigns and 12%-23% for abandoned cart messages focused on repeat buyers, with $0.45-$1.62 and $6.89 – $15.27 earnings per message, respectively. In addition, data shows customers repurchase over 25% of the time.
  • For occasional orders of affordable items such as clothing and beauty or skincare products, the conversion rate for abandoned cart messages and welcome series messages is 12%-20% and 3%-8%, respectively.
  • For frequent splurges, such as luxury footwear and clothes, expensive cosmetics products, and other goods, abandoned cart messages get a 9%-21% conversion rate while post-purchase promotions receive 2%-6%. The average order value for these products is $100. 

As you can see, in a mobile-driven society, text messaging is convenient for both businesses and consumers.


How to Improve Your SMS Conversion Rate


  • Make it easy to interact with your SMS messages

The chances of conversion per message rise or fall depending on the content and delivery of the message. If it requires a lot of complex steps for the receiver to take action, the inconvenience can drive them away instead of encouraging them to convert. That’s why making it easy to interact is crucial to your strategy. 

Use simple codes, shorten links, keep details short and straightforward, and use mobile-optimized landing pages to provide your customers with easy, seamless navigation when they act on your campaign. 


  • Add urgency to your message

Text messaging is direct, personal, and immediate, so ensure that your SMS marketing tactics provide that sense of urgency and real value to your customers. 

For instance, if you have limited-time offers, you can send out a message a few days leading up to the event, a day before the event, and another one on the last day of the promotion. You can also send event marketing messages with a text code they can send if they want to be reminded on the day of the event. 


  • Include a clear CTA

Call-to-actions (CTAs) are crucial to any marketing campaign, including SMS marketing. Without a clear and effective CTA, your recipients wouldn’t know what action to take next. With a compelling CTA, you can successfully increase your SMS conversions. In fact, around 33% of SMS subscribers respond to CTAs in text campaigns, with 47% of them purchasing as a result. 

From abandoned cart reminders, promotions, exclusive event sign-ups, and appointment reminders, your desired call-to-action should be clear. Some examples of good CTAs in text marketing include “click to learn more,” “text-to-win,” or “present this message for a discount.” 


  • Speak your audience’s language

Be careful and choose words that reach your target audience. In addition, make sure to craft an engaging intro for your message, as the first few words of your message will appear on the notification box and chat screen. This means your audience gets a glimpse of your marketing message right away, and if it’s not something that interests them, it won’t motivate them to click. 

With SMS marketing, you have a character limit. Make drafting campaigns easier by using the language they use that fits the nature of texting. Avoid using evident branded messages. Instead, create clear and cohesive campaigns that are also fun. Much like email subject lines, the first ten words of your SMS conversion campaigns should bait and drive your audience to click through the text message. 


  • Keep your SMS database clean and up to date

Sending SMS marketing messages to invalid and inactive numbers mean the messages will never be read and reach your intended recipients. Therefore, it’s a waste of resources. This is where home location register (HLR) lookups come in handy for cleaning up your database. 

Using HLR lookups enables you to gain data about your opt-in numbers, allowing you to check if the numbers in your database are reachable. This means you get to enhance your database quality and ensure that your time, efforts, and resources aren’t wasted. It can also help you measure your metrics and conversion rates more accurately. 


  • Send SMS messages more often

If you aim to increase your conversions, consider raising the number of your text marketing campaigns from your usual one or two to three or more. Be careful not to send too much—sending 20 messages per month can boost unsubscribe rates to 60%. Start with 4-5 campaigns per month or 1-2 messages weekly to see your customers’ response and campaign performance. 

You might want to increase your campaigns during the holiday seasons, especially when you offer coupon codes and other exciting promos. Data shows that SMS databases experience the most growth during the holiday season at about 41% on average. 


  • Consider the time of day

The best time to send SMS campaigns differ for industries and businesses. Based on your campaign insights, success rates, and probability of conversion, schedule your text marketing campaigns at the ideal time. 

It wouldn’t be optimal to send campaigns at midnight. There’s no default time for this, so make sure to check the performance of your previous campaigns. A smart tactic you can consider is sending messages at atypical times, e.g., 11:23 am instead of 12:00 noon on the dot, to avoid the flood of text campaigns from your competitors. 


  • Use triggered messages to trigger conversions

Triggered messages are a response to an action by your message recipient. These can help you nurture a better relationship with your customers and drive them to convert. For example, if a customer opts into your subscriber list, you can send them a welcome message that can trigger an action. 

An example of this would be win-back messages like “It’s been a while since we last saw you. Here’s a special promo code [code] for a [percentage] discount. Click here: [URL]

Welcome messages are also great opportunities to trigger action. For example, “Thanks for joining us! As a token of our appreciation, here’s a promo code [code] to get [percentage] off your first/next order! To unsubscribe, text STOP.” 


  • Utilize branded links

URL shorteners are lifesavers for marketers. However, look into replacing your generic URL shorteners with branded link shorteners to increase trust. Using branded links in SMS marketing campaigns can boost conversions by up to 34%.

Think about it. Recipients would trust links that contain instead of Apart from the fact that it looks nicer and more trustworthy, it also gives recipients an idea of what to expect when they click through. 


  • Deliver personalized messages

Your customers feel more valued when they receive messages tailored to them—their last interaction with your brand or when you last visited their store. You can do this by segmenting your subscribers based on, as mentioned, their previous interaction with your brand, such as their last purchase. This way, you can trigger the right response. Of course, make sure to create relevant message content per segment. 

Convert Prospects into Customers with SMS 

SMS marketing is an instant marketing channel for a fast-paced digital world. While it may sound restrictive, the 160 character limit for one text message with links and alerts gives you enough opportunity to market your latest offerings, increase brand awareness, build customer relationships, and drive SMS conversions. With the right approach, you can prompt the desired actions that help grow and streamline your brand.

Make sure to A/B test as well as track and monitor your campaigns and conversions to further improve your strategies. If you need a hand maximizing ROI from your SMS marketing campaigns in the, our SMS experts at Semaphore can help you out!

Head over to Semaphore to start refining your strategy and create customizable messages using reliable SMS marketing solutions!

10 Business SMS Campaigns to Generate Revenue in 2021

Business SMS Campaigns to Generate Revenue in 2021

SMS marketing has come a long way since its original debut back in 1992. As technology continues to evolve each day, so do the marketing methods and trends aimed around these platforms.

Today, several brands are continuously improving their strategies by using SMS to become more approachable with their customers. This has opened new lines of communication for businesses-to-consumer (B2C) brands by introducing customer support and transactional messaging. Additionally, it is another convenient way for consumers to reach out to a brand regarding their concerns and feedback.

SMS marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage with consumers and other important clients. This is because it offers a personalized touch towards interactions that can make consumers feel more cared for and prioritized over others. As a result, this can gradually boost the loyalty and revenue of a business over time.

Many known key trends in today’s modern age offer numerous possibilities and opportunities for businesses to reach their target market. These include the use of tech messaging, chatbots, personalized messaging, and many more. However, using these methods to start an SMS campaign can also come with many challenges when businesses do not know how to maintain them properly.

For many, this can cause losses and give businesses a bad reputation. This is why it is essential to know what kind of SMS campaigns work best for a business’s target market to generate revenue throughout the following years.

Business SMS Campaigns to Generate Revenue in 2021 - Infographic

Revenue-Generating SMS Campaigns

Nowadays, it is pretty challenging to find a person who doesn’t own a mobile phone. Many people prefer an innovative and speedy solution for all their needs, whenever they may need it. Business owners and marketers can take advantage of this fact by developing SMS campaign strategies that will help them generate more sales.


  • Exclusive SMS offers and discounts

Statistically, around 92% of shoppers use discount codes and coupons at least once each year. Others may also be actively hunting for new bargains and exclusive deals.

Offering exclusive deals to subscribed members gives customers more incentive to sign up for SMS updates. This can help businesses grow both their revenue and the number of customers they serve.


  • Contest promotions

Creating promos for competitions is more than likely to attract several customers for a chance to win grand prizes. These programs can run for any duration the company sees fit. Additionally, a business can partner with another company to make exclusive goods as prizes that customers want to compete for.

This kind of SMS campaign can create a sense of urgency among customers, making them more likely to participate for a chance to win.


  • Sale notifications

Business owners can take the initiative and notify their list of customers for upcoming sales in select areas. Showing a glimpse of what products go on sale can also help their consumers get a better idea of where they can get significant discounts.


  • New and featured product listings

Notifying customers regarding new products and services can help businesses sell new items faster and create awareness. These listings can include a quick brief of the items and how they can use them to generate interest and demand.


  • Holiday greetings

Not all SMS campaigns need to relay messages regarding product information and sales. Companies can take advantage of memorable holidays and occasions to send greetings to their customers. This will allow brands to appear more friendly while engaging with their target market.


  • Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs can offer several incentives for customers to continue shopping with a brand. Once a customer signs up, they can be welcomed by a text message which confirms their contact details. Once a company saves this information, they can add the customer to the contacts that will receive exclusive offers and discounts through SMS messages.


  • Surveys

Running surveys is one of the best ways to find out how customers feel about a particular brand or company. Businesses can use the information they gather and find their brand’s strong and weak points to improve their marketing strategies and approaches.

When it comes to SMS campaigns, creating short and simple questions will make more people want to answer surveys. Additionally, businesses may also reward points and small discounts for answering these surveys to give customers more incentive to reply.


  • Personalized greetings

Sending personalized greetings, birthdays, special holidays, and other similar occasions can help companies better engage with their customers on a personal level. Additionally, business owners can also start SMS campaigns that notify customers of items they might enjoy based on their purchasing history.


  • Newsletters

Keeping audiences aware of a brand’s milestones and achievements is an excellent way to boost its public image. Businesses prove that they are trustworthy and reliable through this content, but they may also gain new customers, leading to more sales down the road.


  • Encourage social media engagement

SMS campaigns can push customers to engage more with a brand’s social media pages by offering new followers exclusive perks. For example, these messages can encourage many customers to share a post online and tag a brand to enter a contest in exchange for points or prizes. This can also be tied to loyalty reward programs and other similar strategies to boost engagement and revenue effectively.

Keeping up with the latest trends

With a simple click of a button, it is now possible to connect with thousands of people through SMS methods and social media platforms. This paves several new opportunities for marketers and business owners to reach new audiences and target markets.

Using SMS campaigns, businesses can further improve their marketing strategies and make better connections with their customers. It is also a considerably popular way for many brands to improve their reputation in the market. As a result, this leads to a significant increase in their engagement rates, sales, and overall revenue at the time.

There are several strategies companies can use today to entice their customers to remain loyal to their brand. Contact the experts at Semaphore today for further information and assistance for your SMS marketing campaigns!

19 Free Text Message Templates for Business SMS Campaigns

SMS Templates for Businesses

Despite the exponential increase of communication channels in the digital age, short messaging service (SMS) remains widely popular all over the world. Currently, there are 4.2 billion people around the world who continue to send and receive text messages. This means that SMS campaigns can help you reach both new customers and existing ones.

Knowing that SMS can be a good channel for your business to reach its target audience, thinking of the right message is essential for any campaign to succeed. This article will provide you with a compilation of text message templates you can use to inspire and jumpstart your SMS campaigns.

SMS Templates for Businesses


  • Discount Messages

Your customers are always looking for good deals and discounts to help get their money’s worth. Starting an SMS campaign for discount offers makes it easier for them to find these offers and act on them. Make sure to grab their attention with urgent language and a direct call to action. 

flash discount

Today only! Get XX% off on all (TYPE) ITEMS! Shop now at: WEBSITE LINK

exclusive discount offer

BRAND is giving an exclusive discount offer to our loyal customers! Just enter CODE at checkout to get XX% off on your purchase!

seasonal discount

Be ready for the (TYPE) season and get all our seasonal ITEMS at XX% off for TIME PERIOD. Stocks are limited! Shop now at BRAND


  • Sales Promotions

SMS campaigns are useful for reaching out to promote new and existing products to both customers and prospects. These can be used for creating opportunities for sales pitches, having prospects upgrade from trials, or even make purchases directly from your store. Whenever possible, highlight key features of the product to make them more enticing for customers.

sales pitch

Hi, [First Name]. This is [Name] from BRAND, checking if you’re available for a short call to discuss PRODUCT/SERVICE. Please reply to this message if you are interested. Looking forward to speaking with you. Thank you!

free trial

Hi, [First Name]. This is [Name] from BRAND. Thank you for availing our demo for PRODUCT/SERVICE. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.


Our best-selling ITEMS have been restocked! Get yours today before they’re gone! Shop now at: WEBSITE LINK

new product release

New at BRAND: Releasing ITEM today! Check out this and other new arrivals here: WEBSITE LINK


  • Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are staples for many businesses to drum up interest and attract more prospects. Starting an SMS campaign for your ongoing giveaway or contest can inform your customer base and get them to participate and even spread the word.


Hello, [First Name]! You are invited to enter our contest for a chance to win ITEM! Learn more and enter at: WEBSITE LINK. Good luck!


For loyal BRAND customers, we’re giving away a limited-edition ITEM to X lucky winners! To join and learn more, visit: WEBSITE LINK


  • General Advertising

One of the advantages of SMS is that your message is more likely to be seen by your audience. An SMS campaign to advertise your store, any events, or even other communication channels your business uses is a great way to get the word out. Just be mindful of the details that should be included in your message.


BRAND is hosting an EVENT on [DATE AND TIME] with ACTIVITIES. Learn more and RSVP now at our page: WEBSITE LINK 

store location and hours

See what we have to offer at our BRAND branches! We’re open from TIME to TIME on DAY to DAY, and TIME to TIME on OTHER DAY. Find a branch near you at: WEBSITE LINK

website and socmed

See all the latest updates from BRAND on our new page: WEBSITE LINK Don’t forget to follow us on SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS at @BRANDNAME for more exciting content!


  • Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are a great way to reward your core customer base for their patronage. If your business runs a loyalty program for its customers, you can use an SMS campaign to invite customers to join this program and avail of the available benefits. 

For existing program members, texts are a great way to remind them of relevant details like redeeming points for rewards or renewing their membership. 

invitation to join

Get the most out of your experience with BRAND! Join our loyalty program and get exclusive discounts, earn points with every purchase to redeem rewards, and many more perks! Sign up today at: WEBSITE LINK

membership renewal

Hello, [First Name]. Your membership with BRAND loyalty program will end by DATE. To continue receiving exclusive perks and redeem rewards, make sure to renew before the given date. For more information on how to renew, visit: WEBSITE LINK

points expiry

Hello, [First Name]. Your total of XX reward points will expire on DATE. Redeem your points for rewards and other perks before the given date. To view the list of available rewards and perks, visit: WEBSITE LINK


  • Confirmation Texts

In the age of online shopping, transactions happen on a screen rather than in person. Sending out confirmation texts lets your customer know that each step of the process has successfully pushed through. 

This level of transparency helps increase the trustworthiness and reliability of your business. Use an order or transaction number alongside relevant details to keep your text short and don’t forget to thank your customer for their business.

shipping confirmation

Hello, [First Name]. Your BRAND Order #XXXXXX has been shipped out today. ETA is in X-X business days. If you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you!

payment confirmation

Hello, [First Name]. This is to confirm your payment for BRAND Order #XXXXXX via PAYMENT METHOD for a total of AMOUNT. Your order is currently being processed for delivery. Thank you!


  • Action Requests

Sometimes, customers need a friendly reminder or push to take action on certain things. Sending an SMS is a quick and convenient way to deliver this reminder to them. The action they need to take should be clear, as well as the reason why they need to take it. Make it clear if this action is time-sensitive or can be done at their convenience.

review request

Hi, [First Name]. Thank you for being a valued BRAND customer. We would appreciate it if you could leave a review about your experience with us. Click here to leave us a review on REVIEW PAGE: WEBSITE NAME

confirm reservation

Hi, [First Name]. Your reservation with BRAND for ITEM/APPOINTMENT on DATE has been noted in our system. Please reply to this text to confirm your reservation by TIME otherwise, your slot will be forfeited. Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!


Tips for SMS Success

SMS campaigns rely on two factors–your message and how you deliver it. Below are some best practices when planning and executing your SMS campaigns:


  • Get consent

Nothing pushes a potential customer away like sending unsolicited texts. In some cases, this can even be in violation of certain privacy policies. Before starting your SMS campaigns, make sure that your recipients have opted in to receive your message.


  • Know your audience

Knowing your target audience means understanding what kinds of messages they want to receive from you. Other things to factor in when considering your audience is the tone of the text, the call to action, and even when to send your SMS.


  • Keep texts short and simple

In an SMS, you only have a limited amount of characters to say what you mean. Messages that are short, simple, and direct are often the most effective. Don’t add details that aren’t relevant to your core message.


  • Always have a call to action

SMS campaigns should always have a purpose and should always get your customers to act on your message. Adding a call to action can make this purpose clearer to your customer. Depending on the wording, it can even be used to drive more urgent, time-sensitive actions.


  • Make texts personal

Unlike other communication channels, text messages can seem personal as it is a one-to-one conversation. The key to making SMS campaigns effective is to make them feel even more personal, like using their first name or preferred name. 


  • Let customers know who you are

SMS campaigns serve to both add value to your customer’s experience with your brand and help promote it. Ensure that your brand name is in every text as customers may not have your number saved. The best way to do this is to mention it in your message or create a custom sign-off for every text.


Text Your Customers Like a Pro

In this ever-connected world, texting remains one of the most popular and accessible communication forms across the globe. Most people–including your customer base and future prospects–own a mobile phone, making SMS an effective and direct way to reach them.

These text message templates can help jumpstart SMS campaigns that address all areas of your business needs. Try them out and see which texts work and which ones need tweaking. With the right message and best practices, you’re sure to deliver a text message that says everything your customers need to take action at the right moment. 


Sometimes, optimizing the returns on your SMS marketing campaigns takes the help of experts. Contact Semaphore today to learn more about our secure SMS marketing solutions!