SMS Statistics in the Philippines

For most people, texting is one of the quickest ways to connect with someone. Around 65% of the global population uses text messaging, and another 6 billion have phone access.

Today, the Philippines holds the remarkable distinction of being the world’s SMS (short-message-service) capital. Despite the rise of various messaging apps and social media platforms, SMS still plays a significant role in communication throughout the country.

That’s why understanding how people utilize SMS in the Philippines is crucial for effectively connecting with your brand’s audience.

Whether you’re a marketer, entrepreneur, or simply curious about the role of SMS in the digital age, this blog will shed light on the enduring power of this ubiquitous messaging medium.

Discover the unique landscape of SMS in the Philippines and unlock its potential for your business!

8 SMS Statistics in the Philippines You Should Know


  • Official organizations in the Philippines continue to rely on SMS as a vital means of communication for important notifications (PhilStar)

Official organizations in the Philippines continue to rely on SMS for important notifications, including banks and weather warnings, for several reasons.

Firstly, SMS offers widespread coverage and accessibility, ensuring messages reach a large population—including those without an internet connection. Secondly, it is a reliable and instant communication channel, delivering urgent information promptly.

You can invest in infrastructure improvements, integrate SMS with other communication channels, and leverage data analytics to tailor messages effectively and make the platform work for you.

Embracing emerging technologies and adopting secure messaging protocols can also strengthen the SMS system, ensuring efficient and reliable communication with the public.


  • A mobile phone user in the Philippines sends approximately 600 text messages per month (BBC)

You can attribute this statistic to several factors, such as the affordability and widespread availability of SMS packages, the prevalence of feature phones, and cultural preferences for text-based communication.

To capitalize on this trend, you can invest in SMS marketing campaigns, tailor messaging to suit customer preferences, and explore innovative ways to engage with your target audience through SMS.

With the time Filipinos spend on their phones—paired with the number of text messages they send daily—you have a high chance of getting your message across. 


The competitive pricing of SMS services in the Philippines, with a significant portion of traffic sold at half a cent, benefits your business by allowing you to reach a larger audience within your target market at a lower cost.

This affordability enables you to implement more frequent communication strategies, fostering more robust customer relationships and building brand loyalty.

It also levels the playing field for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) so they can compete effectively with larger corporations. You can explore innovative marketing strategies, such as mobile coupons and event notifications, without exorbitant expenses. 


  • 40% of SMS traffic in PH showed evidence of manipulated content (Vox Solutions)

As a business owner, addressing manipulated content in SMS traffic is crucial to maintaining trust and reliability. Manipulation can involve spreading false information, scams, or phishing attempts. Mobile service providers and regulatory bodies play a role in mitigating this issue.

However, you can also protect your customers by implementing robust security measures like content filtering, spam detection, and user education campaigns to minimize the impact of manipulated content.


  • There are over 149 million mobile subscriptions in the Philippines (DataReportal)

Despite the increasing prominence of mobile phones, social media apps, and messaging software in the Philippines, mobile text messages continue to hold a significant position in the lives of Filipinos—with a staggering number of over 168 million mobile subscriptions in the country.

Incorporating SMS into your business communication strategy can be a powerful way to engage with your Filipino audience. Leveraging SMS boosts your business’s mobile app adoption.


  • 73% of Filipinos used SMS compared to 33% who opted for instant messaging (IM) (Warc)

In the Philippines, SMS remains the communication method of choice for almost three-quarters of mobile consumers, despite the popularity of IM apps across Southeast Asia.

Among IM users, Facebook Messenger was the top choice. This unique preference allows you to leverage SMS as a direct and effective channel for customer engagement.

Incorporating SMS marketing strategies can connect you with your target audience and deliver personalized messages that resonate with Filipino consumers, increasing your chances of conversion.


  • 79% of Filipinos check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up (Warc)

Filipino mobile users exhibit a remarkable devotion to their devices. Seventy-nine percent of them check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up, surpassing the regional average.

This mobile-centric behavior provides valuable opportunities to effectively connect and engage with your target audience.

With this insight, you can tailor your marketing strategies to optimize engagement during key moments, such as morning interactions and commuting.

You can effectively deliver personalized messages, seize attention during daily routines, and utilize mobile devices as a powerful platform to engage and captivate your audience.


  • In 2020, users in the Philippines significantly increased their engagement with SMS (Statista)

Users in the Philippines notably increased their engagement time with SMS, mainly because it is a widely accessible and familiar mode of communication, especially for people in areas with limited internet connectivity.

Additionally, the convenience, cost-effectiveness, and reliability of SMS make it a preferred choice for daily communication needs.

To capitalize on this trend, you can implement targeted campaigns, optimize message content, and leverage SMS as a primary customer communication channel to effectively connect with your target audience and enhance their experiences.

Embracing the Potential of SMS Marketing in the Philippines

Stay attuned to evolving communication trends and engage your audience in this vibrant landscape. Understanding the pulse of SMS in the Philippines is the key to building stronger connections and driving business growth. Don’t miss out on the opportunities in this thriving communication realm.
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